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Turkmenistan Airlines | Travel Classes

All international Turkmenistan Airlines flights are operated using a two class configuration:

Economy Class

Turkmenistan Airlines is offering you a comfortable Economy Class with a free hot meal or snack (depending on flight duration) and softdrinks.

Business Class

In addition to the Economy Class Turkmenistan Airlines is offering a Business Class ensuring our passengers a pleasant and relaxing flight to their destination. We offer you a comfortable seating in the front cabin, different hot meal choices, dedicated service, separate check in counters and a generous luggage freedom. If you transfer in Ashgabat you are invited to the Business Class Lounge.
    Business Class

Turkmenistan Airlines is offering you the best Business Class fares on the market. 

Personal In-flight Entertainment System

Turkmenistan Airlines will feature local and international content on seat-back systems including TV shows, audio and games. Gradually it will be installed on all the planes.

Inflight Magazine 

In each seat your will find your personal Inflight Magazine 'Lachyn" with a lot of interesting articles and useful information.